Start times

Roskilde: 11:40

Kalundborg: 14:45

Korsør/Halskov: 16:00


30th April is the last day to book parking, luggage and participant transportation.
Read more about parking and transportation (Danish)

Riding together

The route is not closed off and, therefore, we all must do our best to make the race a safe experience for both ourselves and each other by considerately riding together.

Welcome to Tour de Storebælt

  • Tour de Storebælt is the largest mass cycling race and event in the history of Denmark ever, measured by the number of participants and the total of traveled kilometers.
  • Tour de Storebælt is an official side event to the Tour de France Grand Depárt Copenhagen Denmark 2022.
  • The race consists of 16.000 participants spread out in three big pelotons that start in Roskilde, Kalundborg, and Korsør, respectively. From here, they wind their way through the beautiful western Zealand and come together in a collective peloton over the majestic Storebælt Bridge.
  • Many different types of cyclists participate. However, you all have in common that you ride together and share a unique cycling experience on a unique route.
  • The route is not closed off and, therefore, we all must do our best to make the race a safe experience for both ourselves and each other by considerately riding together.
  • Cycling is a team sport and Tour de Storebælt is a cycling experience in a massive peloton.
  • Because of several starting places, the crossing of the Storebælt Bridge, and the finish line in another city, there is more practical information for the participants than usual.
  • ⚠️If you are an elite cyclist or a “Strava-hunter” with a dream of winning the race, you must, for safety reasons, save your energy for another day and race.
  • Instead, enjoy the community in a massive cycling peloton, which only is possible because of the unique start of the Tour de France in Denmark in 2022.
Adresses and route maps

Starting area

Arrive early

Arrive at the starting area in good time before the start. We recommend showing up approximately 2 hours before.

Orientate yourself

You must orientate yourself in the starting area by the colored signs and flags that match your average speed rate which you chose when you signed up.

Parking and drop-off

There are both parking and drop-off opportunities in your start city.


Parking spots are free but must be booked no later than 30th April 2022.
Book parking


You can purchase transportation for yourself and your bike from the finish area in Nyborg and to your starting city before the race. Transportation takes place in the morning on race day. The deadline for transportation booking is 30th April, 2022.
Buy transportation

Parking outside the parking area

If you do not park in the official race parking areas, make sure that there is room enough, even on narrow streets, for emergency vehicles to pass through (at least 3,5 meters)

Don't stand on the road

Use closed-off areas and biking lanes when inspecting your bike to check if your gear works, etc. The starting area is open for other road users and cars might be passing through.

Be aware of the normal traffic

Companions, who drop off participants in the starting cities, must be aware of the traffic.

Attention: driving across the Storebælt Bridge

Drivers, spectators, and companions, who drive the participants to the starting city, must take traffic into account if driving across the Storebælt Bridge to the finish area in Nyborg after race start. The diversion of traffic on the Storebælt Bridge starts already at 13.00. If too many cars drive across the Storebælt Bridge from this time, it could prevent race start in Korsør at 16.00. Therefore, we recommend that driving across the Storebælt Bridge in a car takes place before 13.00.

Before start

Bib numbers

You will receive your bib number in the starting area. However, to minimize queues and save time, you can purchase shipping for your bib number through a previously sent e-mail from

In Case of Emergency number

Your bib number must be provided with a phone number for your closest relative (In Case of Emergency number). It must be written in the indicated area on your bib number.

Buy transportation of luggage

Check-in of luggage for transportation from start city to finish area in Nyborg can be booked and purchased no later than 30th April 2022:
Buy transportation of luggage

Facilities in the starting areas:

⁃ Toilets. Use them, and not the neighbors' hedge 😉
⁃ Water and energy powder. Avoid ques and fill up your water bottle from home.
⁃ Bike mechanic service hosted by Fri BikeShop – use only for defects and urgent need of assistance.

Starting procedure

Starting times

Roskilde 11:40
Kalundborg 14:45
Korsør/Halskov 16:00

The start

Everyone starts at the same time in one long coherent peloton divided into start sections according to registered speed rates.

Ride together

If you and your cycling friends have decided to accompany each other in the same start group, find each other before the starting signal sounds.

Sections that match the average speed rate

You start in a section that matches the average speed rate you registered when you signed up for the race. Look for the beach flags that indicate your start group to find the right start section.

Keep your position

When the starting signal is given, roll slowly towards the starting line together with the rest of the peloton while maintaining your position within it.

Take it easy

It is estimated to take up to 30 minutes before everyone has crossed the starting line – Take it easy. You have enough time.


Timing starts when you cross the starting line.

Be careful with each other

Remember not to stress and show consideration towards each other. Tour de Storebælt is a mass cycling event where there must be room for everyone.

On the route

Trafic og route

Pay attention towards traffic

You will be riding on a route that is open for other traffic, and you must ride in accordance with the Danish code of traffic.
Pay close attention to other road users, as in a normal mass cycling event.

Own risk

Participation happens at your own risk, and the organizers waive any responsibility for personal or material damage.

No accompanying cars

Spectators, drivers, and companions are not allowed to follow the race, as it will create extra pressure on the road which could create problems for the participants and the rest of the traffic.

Communication to participants on the route

We update our website and Facebook page with important general and practical information during the race.

Emergency hotline

The phone number to the Tour de Storebælt emergency hotline is printed on the bib number, in case you will need to call our motorized medical team on the route during the race.
Read more about trafic and route
  • Participation happens at your own risk, and the organizers waive any responsibility for personal or material damage.
  • Sections of the route are fully or partially closed off for other traffic – But ride as if the route was open, anyways.
  • There are officials on motorcycles (”Race Marshalls”) on the route, and their directions MUST be followed.
  • There are also traffic officials on the route.
  • As a participant, you are responsible for being aware of other road users, even though a traffic official is showing the way with their flag.
  • Follow the instructions if a marshall or official asks you to stop or notifies you about a dangerous turn etc.
  • The route is marked with black arrows on a yellow background visibly in the terrain.
  • There are warning signs set up at specific places on the route where you need to pay extra attention, such as sharp turns or poor overview conditions.
  • The distance to the finish line is marked for every 25 km and is marked as a count down. The markings are indicative.
  • Riding after your own GPS: GPX files of the routes will be available online before the race.
  • In the event of a bicycle defect, a “broom wagon“ will pick you and your bike up. Expect waiting time.
  • There are service cars from the bike team, Riwal, on the route, which can help in case of defects.

Feeding zone

You will find the following feeding zones on the route

⁃ 200 km: 3 feeding zones after 50, 100, and 150 km, respectively.
⁃ 100 km: 1 feeding zone after 50 km.

At the feeding zones, you will find

Music, energy products (do not take more than you need), and other festivities.

Drop zone

Use the drop zones for your litter in the feeding zones.

Services in feeding zones

You will find mechanics, Samaritans, and toilets in the feeding zones.

Keep yourself going

Eat and drink in the feeding zones before you get too hungry, tired, or thirsty.

Don't stay too long

Remember to get going from the feeding zones so you will reach the Storebælt Bridge in time.

The crossing of the Storebælt Bridge

Cross the bridge in time

The bridge is only open for the race for a limited period of time, and we would like to get all participants over the bridge.
The bridge is open for access for participants between 16.00-19.15.

Waiting time

There may be waiting time to access the bridge – especially if you ride faster than your stated average speed rate.

Minimum average

The minimum average speed rate for crossing the Storebælt Bridge for the 200 km distance is 26 km/h and 24 km/h for the 100 km distance.
Read more about crossing the Storebælt Bridge
  • If you drive slower than your registered speed rate, or if you get a defect underway, you may not be able to cross the bridge by bike.
  • In this case, you will be picked up by our “broom wagon” and be driven over the bridge.
  • It is prohibited to stop on the Storebælt Bridge. However, you are allowed to fix smaller defects such as flat tires, etc. In case of bigger defects, you will be picked up by our “broom wagon” and driven to Nyborg.
  • If circumstances prevent the race from crossing the Storebælt Bridge, during the race, time is taken in Korsør.
  • There are pick-up possibilities and shelter in Korsør in case of bad weather.
  • Feel free to make your own plan B for pick-up on Zealand in case of a defect, crash, or a bad day on the road, before the crossing of the Storebælt Bridge.
  • There are two shortcuts on the 200 km route. At both places, you can “save” approximately 10 km if your body needs a shorter route – or if you are behind the time schedule. Follow the directions on the route.

Finish area

Finish line

The finish line at which your time stops is placed around 1000 meters before the official Tour de France stage 2 finish line.
After crossing the timekeeping finish line, you ride in a parade the last 1000 meters to the official Tour de France stage 2 finish line.

Finish area

In the finish area, you will find an expo area with exhibitors, where you can buy new cycling gear.
You will also find an area with street food stands, where both participants and spectators can buy something to eat and drink.

Return transportation

Bicycle Check-in for return transportation to the starting city happens in the large parking lot. Follow the directions and maps on site.
The last date for return transportation booking is 30th April 2022.
Buy return transportation

Medals and t-shirts

Medals and finisher t-shirts are handed out to all participants in the finish area.

Parking spaces for companions

Parking spaces are placed outside the center of Nyborg – We offer shuttle bus services for companions.


If you have had a personal accident that needs attendance, Samaritans and doctors are present in the finish area.


Congratulations! You have finished the race. Pat yourself and your companions on the back and be proud.

Riding safely in pelotons

A festive cycling experience

Tour de Storebælt is a collective and unique cycling experience – and not a spring classic for professionals.

Ride safely

We are many riders on an open route and, therefore, we all must ride safely and considerately.

Bike helmet and plastic bottles

Remember to wear a new and approved bike helmet and use only plastic bottles made for bottle holders.
Read more about safely in pelotons
  • Participation happens at your own risk. Show consideration for other riders in the pelotons.
  • With 16.000 participants, accidents and crashes may, unfortunately, occur, but we can all help minimize them.
  • Look out for yourself and each other. Always orientate yourself and pay attention to the other cyclists.
  • Always keep your hands on the handlebars and look up and forward.
  • Give indications backward when you encounter potholes, parked cars, traffic islands, or oncoming cars – and when you stop, change direction, or turn.
  • Remember that there are other participants behind you at all times.
  • Do not pass other participants without orientating yourself and thereby put other people’s safety at risk.
  • Always be aware of participants next to you or obliquely behind you.
  • Be careful when you eat or drink while you ride together with other participants – You could drop your water bottle or involuntarily make small direction changes that could be dangerous for others.
  • Keep in a long narrow peloton on the right side of the road with no more than 1-2 participants next to each other and do not fill out the whole road or lane.
  • Show good road etiquette and pull in behind each other when cars pass and be aware of the ongoing traffic.
  • If you are uncomfortable or inexperienced with riding together with others in a peloton, you can always make sure to cycle alone or with only a few others in a smaller group.
  • Self-service on the route: Bring 1-2 inner tubes (depending on the weather), tire lever, a mini pump or Co2 pump, cartridges, chain links, a mini tool, and extra gels and energy bars.
  • Bike preparation before the race: Prepare and service your bike with new tires, tubes, brake pads, a well-oiled and inspected chain, cables, screws, bolts, etc. In this way, you can avoid defects along the way.
  • In case of an accident on the route, contact our emergency hotline. The phone number is printed on your bib number.
  • Give out your exact location and how many kilometers you have biked. Please talk slowly and steadily so we can help you as efficiently as possible.
  • Call 112 in the event of a serious or life-threatening accident. 112 registers your physical location. Also, call the Tour de Storebælt emergency hotline since our medical team probably is closer to the accident site.
  • If you witness a crash or accident close to you during the race, help as much as possible. It is important to stop the other participants and other road users. It is also important to get help and possibly call for medical attention.

Good luck to everyone! We look forward to seeing you all!

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